Nutrition and Health:

Nutrition and Health concentrate on the relationship amongst nourishment and wellbeing. We are on the flow of themes identifying the full range of the impacts of eating regimen and sustenance on well-being and sickness. While the concentration of the article will be soundly situated in human wellbeing and nutrition. Nourishment and Health related studies demonstrating negative and non-discoveries on an equivalent premise with those studies indicating positive discoveries.

The articles likewise look to bring issues to the light of the interrelationship between nutrition, work out, physical action and way of life for enhancing wellbeing over the life expectancy and to show how medicinal services results and arrangements can be enhanced with the selection of a more sustenance situated approach. Along these lines, it tries to give an important asset to nutrition and human services professionals, and additionally analysts and scholastic of nutrition studies. Here we’ve discussed about the Good Food items, How to assess the nutritional status, How to get nutrients.   read more.

Child Health :Children speak to the future, and guaranteeing their sound development and improvement should be a prime worry of all social orders. Infants are especially powerless and kids are helpless against ailing health and irresistible sicknesses, large portions of which can be adequately counteracted or treated.Food preferences are produced ahead of schedule in life, so offer assortment. Different preferences start framing notwithstanding when children are infants. You may need to serve another nourishment a couple of various circumstances for a youngster to acknowledge it.Don’t force a child to eat, however offer a couple nibbles. With more seasoned children, request that they attempt one nibble. Here we’ve discussed about the Definition of  birth & mortality, Child birth weight, Breast feeding .   read more

Communicable Diseases : Communicable diseases are spread from individual to individual or from animal to individual. The spread or exchange can happen through the air, through contact with polluted surfaces, or through direct contact with blood, dung, or other organic liquids. A cold is a case of a transferable illness (a frosty is the general term given to a viral contamination of the upper respiratory tract).Communicable disease is an irresistible ailment transmissible (as from individual to individual) by direct contact with an influenced individual or the individual’s releases or by roundabout means (as by a vector). Here we’ve discussed about the Bacterial diseases, Disinfection and Sterilization, Enteric Fever, Scabies, Ringworm (Dermatophytosis), cerebospinal fever.   read more

Non-communicable Diseases : Recently noncommunicable disease are in charge of more than 75% of deaths worldwide. NCD is a restorative condition or illness that is not brought about by irresistible specialists (non-irresistible or non-transmissible). NCDs can allude to unending disease which keep going for drawn out stretches of time and advance slowly. It is otherwise called ceaseless sicknesses, are not go from individual to person.The four primary sorts of noncommunicable infections are cardiovascular ailments (like heart assaults and stroke), tumors, constant respiratory ailments, and diabetes. Here we’ve discussed about the 10 Most Common cancers,Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus  read more

Other Health Problems: Here we’ve discussed about the Diarrhoeal Diseases, Malaria, Leishmaniasis, Prevention of Blindness, AIDS Diagnosis and Treatment,
Iodine deficiency disorder, Whooping cough,Cholera  read more